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Numbers Don’t Matter, Influence Does by Gary Vaynerchuk

Having thousands of followers doesn’t necessarily indicate the value of a company. This article stresses the importance of the impact of a company rather than the number of followers. It advises managers to look at the attention the product/service is receiving instead of the number of people following.

influencer marketing

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Mastering Influencer Marketing: 9 Key Questions and Answers by Adelyn Zhou of greylockpartners.

With the new shift in marketing, social influencers are the people everyone wants to be best friends with. There are so many benefits to marketing to consumers with the partnership of influential people including creative ideas, time-efficient, and much more! This article shares why, how, and who to partner with for your company.

brand reputation

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The Future of “Web” Monetization has Nothing To Do With Page Views And Everything To Do With Authentic Reach by Andrew Steinthal of The Infatuation Team

There has been a new change to the digital advertising and it is that people tend to focus on brand authenticity. Highly engaged communities and social influencers have become advantageous these days. It’s time to let go of banner ads and focus on the relationship we have with consumers.


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The Top 10+ Best Website Marketing Tactics- Every Entrepreneur Should Do by webdesignshare

The heart of a business lies within its marketing techniques. A successful marketing plan can lead a company to rapid growth and so it’s important to know how to effectively market. Here are more than 10  different techniques that should be basic guideline on how to market!




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