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Photo Source: cerasis.com
Photo Source: lenguyenthedat.com

Photo Source: lenguyenthedat.com

8 Simple Ideas to Inspire the Team by Jason M. Lemkin

The team is essentially the backbone of a company. It’s important to get to know each one of your team members and understand what motivates them. The more you motivate, the more they will have a positive outlook on work, which will lead to an increase in productivity. From a sales bonus to a simple thank you, this article includes 8 easy ways to inspire your team!



Photo Source: eventbrite.com

Photo Source: eventbrite.com

Why Most Startups Suck at PR by Dave Gerhardt

There are more than a hundred reasons why your business won’t get PR and that’s why it’s important to have a detailed plan. In this article, Dave Gerhardt provides an honest answer to why startups have a hard time getting PR. It’s simply because they are not authentic enough. Know your landscape, know your audience, and know your pitch!


Photo Source: printwand.com

Photo Source: printwand.com

This Is Why No One Cares About Your Product by David Cancel

The biggest problem any business can face is people not liking its product. David Cancel shared “I’m not sure why we always keep trying to invent something from scratch, but it seems universally true”. Before brainstorming for new business ideas, try focusing on something that needs improvement!


Photo Source: todaysentrepreneurinsider.com

Photo Source: todaysentrepreneurinsider.com

4 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Focus on That Crucial First Year by Jeremy Ellens

Having a vision of what you want to achieve is great, but if you don’t know HOW to do it, then you need to do more research. The first year is crucial because that is when entrepreneurs establish their base. According to Jeremy Ellens, one of the most important things to know during that first year is to spend 70% of your time selling. More sales = more employees! In this article, Ellens shares 4 tips entrepreneurs should focus on in their first year of business.



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