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Three Things Every Company Needs by Umair Haque

There is more to a company than just the strategies involved; It is comprised of three important components that form a strong foundation. These three components answer the “how”, “what”, and “why” questions. Essentially, it is a combination of these factors that every company needs according to Umair Haque.


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3 Essential Ways to Raise Money for Your Startup Idea by Larry Kim

Generating funds can seem nearly impossible when there are many other companies trying to do the same. There is a highly competitive market that can discourage a lot of entrepreneurs. In this article, Larry Kim lists three helpful ways to raise money for startups. The most important thing to remember is to think outside the box!


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What a Day In the Life of an Entrepreneur Actually Looks Like by Chris Winfield

Often times, people tend to underestimate entrepreneurs as they focus on how liberating or exhilarating it is; little do they know how much risk, dedication, and creativity are involved. Chris Winfield emphasizes that every day looks different in the life of an entrepreneur.


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7 Ways to Get PR Before You Can Afford to Hire a PR Manager by Mike Kappel

Public relations is all about building meaningful relationships with clients. There are certain qualities to have like networking, in order to be successful at public relations for your company. It is important to stay transparent when contacting reporters and editors.  Hiring a manager can be costly, which is why Mike Kappel recommended seven ways to get PR by yourself.



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