What have we been reading this week?!

Photo Source: lifeway.com
Photo Source: osxdaily.com

Photo Source: osxdaily.com

Check out below a couple of articles we found worthy of reading this week!

Sales is Everything by Jeffrey Carter of Hyde Park Angels

Is selling a learned skill? This article argues that yes in fact it is. “You can’t learn it from a book. You learn it on the job.” Carter even adds some common mistakes people make when trying to sell like getting too excited about the product and overwhelming the customer with all its features or they don’t use the right words and therefore phrase their pitch entirely wrong. Like any skill with more practice you are bound to get better at selling and this skill is just as important to entry level workers as it is to the CEO.


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5 Questions to Ask Every VC by T.A McCann of Rival IQ

This article goes through some important questions every start-up really should be asking it’s VC. The relationship that develops when you are raising money is mostly a long-term one. Some questions to ask are is there any they think they add unique/disproportionate value and simply asking them how their firm makes decisions.

Photo Source: theamericangenius.com

Photo Source: theamericangenius.com

Onwards, to a World of Painless Meeting Scheduling by David Cheng of DCM Ventures

Scheduling meetings can be one of the trickiest elements of forming relationships. No matter what your role is in a business, you probably don’t have much time to be flexible about your availability. This article talks about how sometimes it can take over 40 emails or calls to finally set up that meeting that last minute you both forget about.

Photo Source: elegantthemes.com

Photo Source: elegantthemes.com

Learn Before You Start Up by Jon Westenberg of Creatomic

There is more and more drive coming from young, barely legal entrepreneurs who are set to become founders of their own start ups. Westenberg claims that although this drive is awesome, young entrepreneurs should definitely be focusing on learning everything they can before focusing on being a founder. “To me, the best founders are people who have learned how to be employees. The founders I like working with are the ones who have spent enough time working a job they love, a job they hate and a job they’ve realised can be done better.”



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