Transition Smoothly Into New Seasons: Spring to Summer Edition

At last, the season we have long been waiting for has finally arrived.  The snow has melted, April shower clouds have cleared, May flowers have bloomed, and summer’s warm, long days are here to stay for the next few months.  However, with these seasonal changes, it is inevitable that a consumer’s schedule, lifestyle, and spending habits will also change as well as seasonal competition will emerge.

What may have worked for conducting your business in the winter and spring may not necessarily be as successful in the summer.  A consumer’s way of life changes when their summer begins, which may lead to a shift in their needs, wants, demands, and desires.  As a business it is vital for your company to adapt to the changing needs and wants of your customers in order to continue to grow a long, profitable consumer-to-business relationship.

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The business world can be quite capricious; however, there are a few key aspects in conducting a business that will almost always result in success.  These tips can act as a vital tool as your business changes with the season:

  • Communication is Key:  Despite that summer is suppose to be a time of relaxation while having fun in the sun, people’s schedules tend to become more hectic.  As your customers’ days become more chaotic it is essential that the communication you hold with your customer is clear and consistent.  Thus, having constant communication with your clientele will result in positive transactions throughout the summer.  Through effective communication, your business will grow in the sense that you will continue to build and maintain relationships.  A lack of communication leads to businesses losing customers because they are unaware of the on goings in your business.  Some ways to successfully communicate throughout the summer include launching a new social media campaign, sending out email blasts, print or TV advertisements, etc all with a summer theme.
  • Urge Engagement:  Likewise to communication, it is important to have your customers very engaged with your business as well as you being engaged with your customers.  Summer can be a great time of year to increase customer engagement due to the downtime that people do possess, and they can plan for this engagement in their future plans.  Making your customers feel as a part of your success will increase their engagement as it creates a sense that they are a part of your team. Furthermore, hosting events will increase customer engagement as well as promote your business and build your network.  Also, in this day and age technology is a great resource to engage with your customers and vise versa.  Different social media platforms will allow you to connect with clients one and one, creating the perception that your business has a personal connection with your customers due to the reasoning that social media acts a version of the extended self.  Overall, urging engagement during the summer time is a key tool to attract customers despite their busy schedules.
  • Prompt Promotion:  Having promotions during the summer months is a great way to keep your customers interested and involved with your business.  Depending on your business demographic, summer can be a time in which your target market is looking to either save or spend money.  Regardless, the summer season is a great time for your business to have promotions on your product or service.  For instance, if your target market is looking to spend money in the summer due to an upcoming special event, offering a  promotion will draw your customers away from the competition, increase engagement, lead to future sales, as well as other other benefits.  However, if your target market is looking to save money during the summer and your business is slow, offering sales promotions will entice your customers and may increase the flow of your business.  Nevertheless, prompting promotion in the summer is encouraging to incentivize your customers as their schedules and spending habits change.

Overall, change is unavoidable in business.  However, a change in season is something that we know is forthcoming, and with the proper planning businesses can avoid the overwhelming stress of these seasonal changes.  At the end of the day it is all about how a business can adapt to these ever changing needs and wants of their customers in an effective and efficient manner.  Through proper communication, engagement, and promotions in the summer a business will be able to embrace the changes headstrong and will seize success.




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