Top 10 Things You Can Do to Make Your Instagram Account Shine And Drive Traffic


Do you want your brand and products to reach more people for having a massive customer following who can relate to your brand? If this is what you want then use Instagram effectively to cast a spell on your prospective customers. Instagram has over 300 million monthly users. Different brands use this as a medium to interact with the members of the community and also to attract potential customers.    

According to a recent study, a lot of people on Instagram are shoppers. 62% of the users follow the brands that are on the platform. Following a few strategies can help you shine in your field and drive traffic towards your website.

1. Set up an account optimized for business

Businesses need to have their separate accounts. They need to ensure that they use the platform only for their marketing purposes. This is the platform you need to use to grab the attention of potential customers by posting advertisements and product pictures, and also by running a contest and much more to create brand awareness.




2. Include a link to your site to boost the traffic

Instagram offers you the opportunity to lead potential customers to your website. You can place a clickable link in your bio which comes right under the name. Make sure that you include a link to your online store.

3. Create an interesting and informative bio to hook the followers to you

People will check out your profile before starting to follow you. So you need to make sure that your profile is eye-catching and has the potential to convince them about the content and value. Your profile should consist of a brief discussion of your activities.

4. Use Instagram to creatively showcase your products

Professional photographs have the power to prompt a potential customer to make a purchase. Instagram offers a visual platform. Detailed images are more valued by the customers in comparison to the ratings or product information. Instagram has the power to convert traffic into sales. Make effective use of it and share photos that are unique and will grab attention of the people.


5. Show behind the scenes pictures of the company that reflect your brand culture

Instagram isn’t a direct sales platform. You need to keep reviving your focus to be more appealing to your customers with value addition. You can share pictures that reflect your brand’s culture. Show people how to use your products and let them visualize wearing or using them.   


6. Make exclusive announcements and offer promotions for your followers

Do not forget to keep your audience engaged by flooding their feed with special offers, announcements and bonuses. 41% of Instagram users agree that they would like to follow a brand that would offer giveaways and perks. Include promotions in a creative and visual manner to let people be aware of your discounts and sales.  


7. Quotes and captions can change the game for you

You need to make sure that you include the proper inviting and active captions. Images are crucial when it comes to driving sales. However, an effective caption can turn everything in your favor. It can offer full engagement of your users with your brand.

8. To widen your discoverability, include hashtags

Instagram feeds change very quickly, and previous contents also get masked quickly. Hashtags can help increase the life of your posts on Instagram. They make sure that the posts are linked by a keyword and remain discoverable for a long time. 88% of posts include hashtags. However, don’t overdo it. Research shows that the engagement decreases if you include more than 5 hashtags.   

9. Include videos

As Instagram is a visual platform, you need to incorporate pictures and interesting videos to grab the attention of your audience. These need to be short and should be able to prompt the users to make a move.

10. Use Instagram effects to make your pictures much more appealing

Instagram offers a lot of features to the users to make the pictures appealing to the audience. There are several visual effects that are popular amongst the users. You can make effective use of these effects to make your audience engaged. Do not forget to get creative. They get a lot of attention and can benefit your business greatly.  


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