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After a slow, quiet week, it’s finally Friday! Before heading out for the day, you check on what tomorrow’s day will bring. You could not be happier- Saturday is booked SOLID.

Saturday’s are fun! The energy is high in the Salon and all of your technicians are ready to push sales to make up for not hitting their numbers during the week! Before opening the door, the phone is ringing non-stop! One client wants to move their appointment to the following weekend and another client can’t come in for her facial because she woke up with the flu! (as if we believe that)

As aggravated as you are, you know that you need to keep your team positive! So you fake a smile and keep going with the opening procedure. It’s 9:20 and after being open for twenty minutes, it is obvious that your first client of the day is not coming in for her massage appointment at 9:00 am.

Then, another client no shows at 10:00 am.

This continues throughout the day and the profitable Saturday you were counting on no longer exists. Yikes! It is easy to look at these no-shows as something out of your control, but when they’re costing your business ‘mucho dinero’, it’s time to take control!

Think about it. If your salon has $400 in weekly no-shows, that quickly adds up to $20,000 a year in lost revenue!!!!

What Can You Do To Eliminate No-Shows?

No-shows have become a major problem in the beauty industry and it’s time to kick them to the curb. How nice would it be to look at your appointment book and be able to predict future revenues accurately? Ok well we might not be able to perfect client behavior THIS well, but let’s see what we can do…


  1. Educate Your Clients- Take a few minutes to review your company’s appointment scheduling policies and expectations with your new clients. How will they know about your 24 hour cancellation policy if it is not explained to them or posted somewhere in the salon.
  2. Update Client Data Regularly- If your clients fill out an intake form when they come in for their first visit, don’t assume nothing will change. Be sure to check-in with them periodically to update your database with the most recent home and cell phone numbers, emails and mailing addresses.
  3. Remind and CONFIRM- Work with your front desk team to create a written system of how your company will schedule and confirm client appointments. There are two basic ways to confirm with your clients:
  • Electronic confirmations- Pulse 24/7 has got you covered with built in ‘auto reminders’ via email and push notification. Set up an email that confirms the appointment and explains your cancellation policy. Schedule this to be automatically sent to all clients 48 hours prior their appointment.
  • Phone confirmation calls- For the people who are not up-to-date in our digital world, make a call to verbally confirm appointment with client or leave a message.
  1. Provide Top-Line Service- Make your salon the highlight of your clients week. Provide a professional and relaxing experience that is so incredible, a client would never consider no-showing for their appointment. Let Pulse 24/7 monitor your clients experiences with the  “5 Star Auto Rating System”. You’ll now be able to review these ratings and provide excellent customer service.
  2. Naughty List- You don’t want to do it, but sometimes it comes down to what’s best for your business! For the clients who constantly no show to their appointments, put them on a “Walk- In Only” list. They are welcome to stop in for a service when there is availability but they cannot reserve an appointment.

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Don’t let last minute cancellations and no-shows ruin your Saturday. Get started with Pulse 24/7 today and automate tasks that will eliminate the dreaded “I woke up with the flu” excuse. We want your technicians and YOU to feel confident when looking at daily calendar!

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