The Large Impact of Small Business Saturday

American Express Small Business Saturday

In 2010, American Express launched their Small Business Saturday campaign. This campaign brilliantly reinforces core American values, aids local communities and benefits American Express, as well as small business across the United States.

Small Business Saturday follows the Black Friday and Cyber Monday trend of designating a day before the holidays that is special. Falling in between the two, this Amex campaign acts to promote small business growth and also improve local economies. Essentially, the campaign amplifies the partnership and assistance of American Express with various small businesses across the Unites States. For example, Amex gives small businesses toolboxes to help with marketing. Small businesses often participate because of the expected increase in brand recognition that comes with working with an established company like American Express.

In advertisements, the day is portrayed to be a “social experience” in which consumers and small business’ can make a difference by coming together. Through this campaign, Amex seeks to attain a reputation as a company that acts in the best interest of the American people.

I have always respected small business and entrepreneurial efforts. It is for this reason that I originally became interested in the campaign. As this initial interested turned to curiosity however and I began looking deeper into Small Business Saturday, I realized how much American Express was actually gaining from the event. Not only does this campaign boost the organization’s reputation, it also opens the door to a large number of new clients and potential profit.

American Express charges higher rates for their service compared with competitors. For this reason, many small businesses in America opt not to work with Amex, but to work with their competitors instead. This campaign, however, introduces an incentive to do so. The idea is that the profit earned from the increase in recognition will far surpass the cost of higher rates associated with working with American Express.

The brilliance of this campaign lies in American Express’s ability to accomplish two feats with one campaign. The company solved an internal problem in a way that has both internal and external value. Moreover, the hidden benefit received by Amex does not make the benefits to local business and communities any less real.

Small Business Saturday continues to occur each year and has gained the full support of the United States Congress. In 2015 alone over 95 Million people participated in the day.

This single campaigns ability to continuously bring communities together, while also successfully targeting consumers at two separate levels is what makes Small Business Saturday so impactful.


Written by: Carter Trabakino

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