Team Bonding

The How’s and Why’s of Team Bonding

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” –Henry Ford


At one-time we went to work to get the job done, not to “make friends.” Today, that mentality is out the door. Mostly all companies require employees to work in teams, both formal and informal, to collaborate on projects and complete tasks.


That is why employee engagement is crucial!       


A well-bonded team enrichens the workplace. It also fosters inspiration, strengthens dynamic communication, and actually gives your company a competitive edge.

How Do You Promote Team Bonding?

If you run a company or a small business you know how important it is for your staff to work together efficiently. Don’t look past the importance of these simple tactics:

  •   Be open-minded with your employees.
  •   Mix people- extraverts and introverts
  •   Build trust.
  •   Be positive.
  •   Define goals and roles

Team bonding activities bring people together by encouraging collaboration and teamwork. Fun activities can help people see each other on a personal level while allowing them to connect on a professional one. So, get out of the office and do something fun!

Here are few ideas to create a happier, more engaged, and higher performing team:

  • Host mini Olympics- host a high-energy gathering while playing serious and nonsense sports activities. You will surely spark a sense of interaction and bonding.
  • Volunteer- give back to the supportive community around you as a team. You can find endless opportunities that interest your company at or .
  • Rock Climbing-if your employees have no prior relationship working together, doing an activity that requires trust and communication will boost employee morale and build trust while eroding the leader-follower mindset.
  • Diner Outing- simply getting your team together outside the office atmosphere for a nice meal can do the trick. Try to leave work talk out of the night!

No matter which outing you pick, you are guaranteed to benefit and learn more about your coworkers if you actively participate in a group activity. These activities are built to improve communication, increase motivation, and spark creativity.

Getting your team outside out of the office will force them to think outside the box. Coming together and conversing with other members will ignite fresh ideas that likely would not have been brainstormed in an office.

Communication should, and likely does, already exists among coworkers, however, team building activities create open conversations that might not be had in a usual office setting. These conversations lead to comfortability, which leads to good teamwork.

This feeling of comfortability will also make a group of co-workers feel more like a confident team. When a team is running on confidence, they feel they can accomplish anything. This level of self-belief is also known as motivation and can lead to very successful team outcomes.

Remember…when you work together, you win together!!


Contributed By: Carter Trabakino

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