Shawna Russell Interview

Shawna Russell Interview 

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through Pinterest, looking for the newest hair trend? Look no further than @hairbyshawna_russell to find quick hair tips and long lasting beauty advice. Shawna Russell is an Instagram Beauty Blogger who has built her following through years of hard work. Check out the newest tips Shawna shared with us in an interview this past week!

Hey, Shawna Russell…We have a few questions for you!

Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in beauty?

My beauty school teacher Ms. Shirley Joly in high school inspired me. She saw something in me and worked through her lunch hours with me to help me achieve my goals.

Currently, what are your favorite beauty products? (price, where to purchase, usage, etc.)

My favorite products are Unite Haircare ➡️ Glossing(thermal protectant and shine) Smooth & Shine(blow dry in for smoothing and shine ) Fanola No Yellow Shampoo for neutralizing the yellow out of blonde.

Filomena Salon and Spa in Coquitlam BC retail these products.

What is your #1 makeup and or hair tip?

My #1 hair tip is if you want to keep your platinum locks white, use a combo of a clarifying or purifying shampoo. Additionally, add in a purple shampoo and a heavier moisturizer after because those shampoos typically more drying on the hair.

What do you predict the next beauty tip to be in the future?

Color trends are rose gold hues, to blush pinks to golden face frames, to live in color with low maintenance, to ice blondes. Balayage is here to stay!

What advice can you give people looking for their “big break” in the beauty industry?

If you want to be noticed then Instagram and Facebook are the platforms! Get engaged with like minded stylists, showcase your work, photography is important to show the beauty of your work through pictures. Build your social media and you’ll build behind your chair.  Put yourself out there to whichever color lines you love working with, make yourself known.

How can you be contacted?: or @hairbyshawna_russell (Instagram)

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