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Photo Source: 3inno.com

Photo Source: 3inno.com

Indeed, a lot of people would ask what makes a company or a team successful. The usual answer would have to be within the lines of profitability, high quality marketing plans, and even the ability to identify the company’s mission and goals. But all these will be impossible without the underlining engine and that is having outstanding and admirable employees.

It is imperative now more than ever; given the increasing number of qualified and highly skilled employees in the market, to emphasize the importance of attracting great employees to your team. It is in having a good employer that will allow a particular team to have the ability to attract the most qualified and the most competitive talents in the market pool while at the same time, being able to retain the existing employees who remain to be highly competitive in their given field of industry.

Photo Source: medium.com

Photo Source: medium.com

How much value is there to being a good employer?

While it is true that all employees and potential applicants showcase their skills and expertise through work performance, it is also equally important as well for employers to be able to establish their employer brand. In this way, they are able to manage the team, inimitable from other employers, which would influence employees to prefer such an employer among the rest. Once a certain employer would be able to successfully establish a team that highly favors him as an employer, it would then highly affect the retention and recruitment rate of that team as such team is being perceived of having an excellent employer.

It is true that in every commercial and business undertaking, it always takes “two to tango” which refers to the mutual interaction between the employer and the employee. Indeed, having good employees are important. But the ability to maintain “good employees” would always be dependent from the management of a good employer and that is what is being stressed in this article.

Photo Source: denniscummins.com

Photo Source: denniscummins.com

How to judge whether your existing team is good or not?

Such question can be quite complicated and dynamic. The reason why is because an employer must be able to strike balance between being able to achieve company satisfaction and employee satisfaction. And in most cases, the goals of the employees and the company may also oppose.

For one to be able to become a good employer, one must be able to have the following traits and characteristics:

  • A good leader must be honest.

Regards of your moral preference, one must always be reminded that a good leader is always in the best interest of the team. The team and its members would be a reflection of your management and the best way to set such an example is by being honest in your work as it is the very foundation of an effective team.

  • A good leader must be able to delegate well.

A good leader must be able to entrust the team with the goals that he wants to set forth for his organization. He must be able to trust the team with his ideas by delegating them to his team members.

Now, there is a thin line between delegating and simply just ordering people around. A good way to delegate is for a leader to capitalize on the strengths of his team members.

  • A good leader must be able to communicate well and effectively

Whether it is policy or a dispute that you need to settle among employees, a good employer must be able to communicate with his employees. He must be able to clearly express his thoughts while at the same time, being able to listen thoroughly to the concerns of his employees.

Photo Source: leadminders.com

Photo Source: leadminders.com

Quality Impacts to have a good employer:

Now, having established the qualities on how to become a good employer, one would be able to enjoy a gamut of advantages once a good employer manages a team.

  • It promotes the confidence of the team.
  • It increases employee efficiency and employee effectiveness
  • It supports better decisions in terms of work ethics.
  • It encourages new and qualified applicants
  • It values current competitive employees – thus, being able to retain them
  • It successfully settles employee disputes within the management level
  • It ultimately helps achieve the team vision

It is therefore crucial to have good employers in an organization or team. We cannot just rely on having good employees as they too need supervision and management by good leaders.



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