Referral Programs- Your Secret “Pot of Gold”!

If you’re a small business owner with the goal of increasing your customer engagement while increasing your revenue, don’t look past the power of good reviews!

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There is no simpler and more consistent way for your small business or start-up to grow fast than through referrals. Now just think about it. You typically choose services and products based on what you hear from other people, right?

Many small businesses throw in the towel and pass up the opportunities of referral programs because they don’t have a referral system in place or because they feel that it’s irrelevant for their business. But it’s important to remember this:

  • When you ask your customers for a referral the right way and you will never lose business but you’re at risk of losing more potential business by not asking. Never limit yourself with a specific question. Instead, ask open ended questions and use this as your opportunity to expand upon your potential service list.
  • You must deliver the products/services and experience that people can’t stop talking about. Go above and beyond to outdo the client’s expectation of your business. Ask yourself what will make them want to bring you their network of peers.
  • Always thank the customer for making the referral. You can do this with a thank you letter, a verbal thank you or even a discounted product/service. Keep in mind your clients aren’t looking for a gold medal, but everyone likes to feel appreciated.

How Referrals Will Benefit Your Business

  1.     Your customers will be less price sensitive- The referred customer has been pre sold based on your original client’s trust and credibility. Here is an example- Your friend tells you about the great experience she had at a new hair salon and also says that she has never been more satisfied with her hair- this makes you want to go there! You would most likely not mind paying full price for the same experience.
  2.     Referral systems quickly multiply and give you a large number of interested prospects.
  3.     Since people feel more comfortable about a product or service when it’s recommended by someone they know and trust, you can rely on your satisfied customer to do the selling for you. This often increases your number of satisfied customers.

“I Don’t Have Time For That!” …Yes You Do!

You’re probably saying to yourself, Geesh…  “I barely have time to manage my current customers and employees, how am I going to have time to manage potential new customers?”

Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Kick back and leave the manual paper pushing behind and get started with an automation platform that can do it all for you. By managing your business with the Pulse 24/7 app, you’ll be able to create rewards and referral programs that are simple to activate and share right from the palm of your hand. Promote your program on all your social media pages weekly with our Scheduled Content Posting Feature. Now that was easy!

The ultimate goal is to create a referral lifestyle where your phone is constantly ringing and people are giving you clients without even asking.  Now wouldn’t that be nice?


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