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In society today, people are dependent on their technology. People almost always carry at least one of their devices on them, whether it be a phone, tablet or laptop. People love to document their lives on social media and interact with their favorite brands over the internet. Around 3.790 billion people are unique mobile users and 1.968 billion are active mobile social users. There have been a 17% increase of active mobile social users and an overall 10% increase of number of active social media users (Source: Smart Insights). All of these statistics lead us to the same conclusion: social media is a key component to daily life, and with the increase of mobile phone users, people now can easily access social media on the go.


facebookFacebook: Currently Facebook has around 1.71 billion users and 40 million active small business pages. Facebook now sees 8 billion average daily video views from 500 million users (Source: Brandwatch). Utilize these statistics and start posting videos directly to your Facebook page. You can create content such as videos to track an audience to your page. Facebook even shows how many people each post reached, has an option to Boost a post and what type of interactions people make with the post.



Pinterest: Pinterest is home to 100 million users (Source: Brandwatch). Pinterest is the perfect place to utilize if you are an independent business owner that leans toward the creative side. You can upload directions to DIY tutorials or outfit ideas for each season.



Twitter: Twitter houses 320 million users (Source: Brandwatch). Tweeting on a regular basis can help drive traffic through to your main website page and it can also help higher CTR. Businesses can create a slogan and use it in a creative hashtag to end every tweet. This creates repetition and a sense of familiarity for potential consumers surfing the web. Twitter can also be a great place to find leads for your business. By searching specific hashtags, you can narrow down your search for other relevant freelance workers or complementary businesses to create relationships with. Keep in mind that 77% of Twitter users feel more positive about a brand when their Tweet has been replied to (Source: Brandwatch). If you do have a Twitter account, make sure you are keeping in contact with your audience to answer any questions!


linkedinLinkedIn: Today, LinkedIn has 300 million users (Source: Brandwatch). Does your company create the majority of its own content through blog posts or videos (YouTube or Vimeo)? Utilize LinkedIn to get the word out about your company to other businesses through sharing informative articles about marketing, finance or general management. Sharing these tips can open up relationships and can even lead to marketing opportunities for future collaborations or business partnerships.



Instagram: Do you have a business Instagram? Check out their new feature where you can directly hook up your Facebook page to your public Instagram account. This new feature can show you statistics behind every posting like the times your post are most viewed.


One inconvenience is the amount of apps each person handles each day. Not only do you have the stress of managing your personal social media accounts, you also need to keep track of your business social media accounts. Use Pulse 24/7 today to manage all of your social media accounts from one simple, user-friendly platform! You can track revenue, push social media and access our sleek on-demand booking feature.




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