Key Tips to Running Your Own Business

Photo Source: Entrepreneur

Photo Source: Entrepreneur

Stay focused and organized.

Create daily, weekly or monthly task lists. These types of quick to-do lists will help you stay on track to achieve your main goals and will help you figure out how to schedule your days.

Listen to your employees and help them grow.

  • 88% of U.S. employees reported overall satisfaction with their current job, marking the highest level of satisfaction over the last decade (Source: Society for Human Resource Management).
  • Millennials seem to be dissatisfied with their jobs compared to the Baby Boomers. If you’re trying to target millennial employees to help grow your business, remember that they value openness, value, community and purpose in a work environment.

Narrow down your target audience and plan a way to reach them.

Your business isn’t suitable for everyone. Narrow down your audience and get to know them. If you own a beauty company, you most likely will be selling your products to an overwhelmingly large percentage of females. Choose designs and layouts that will catch the attention of your audience.

Get all of the permits, licenses, patents and copyrights you may need.

You want to make sure your business will have all of the legal paperwork is done before you go ahead with anything else.

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Create a financial plan.

  1. Begin by putting together a sales forecast. You can easily keep everything in a spreadsheet.
  2. Build an expenses budget.
  3. Develop a cash flow statement.
  4. Create income projection.
  5. Deal with assets and liabilities.
  6. Prepare a breakeven analysis.

Gain funding and investors.

Find potential investors on websites like AngelList, KickStarter, crowdfunding websites, incubators or accelerators. KickStarter is a great way to not only fund your product, but also find new customers by giving perks to people who help fund the project. For example, if one person donates $150 or more, then when the product is fully released, the person may receive a mug with the logo along with the original product.
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