How L’Oreal is Helping Small Businesses

For years, L’Oreal has been telling their customers to splurge on their products through their legendary phrase, “because you’re worth it”. Now, it is evident that people are actually believing that they are in fact “worth it”. In a press release sent out by L’Oreal in April of this year, the company’s finances and personal growth within the hair and beauty industry are extremely clear. In their press release, titled “First Quarter 2018 Sales”, all divisions within L’Oreal are growing at impressive rates. As a result of the growth of sales in the beauty industry, more opportunities for beauty service providers are being created.

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With an increase in sales, follows an increase in demand from consumers. As stated by L’Oreal, more money is being spent on beauty products by consumers, which is causing the entire beauty industry to soar. The production of new products is beneficial for small businesses, as individuals are more inclined to shop for upcoming and newly released products. With social media posts on new beauty and hair products, men and women are able to gain a sense of the developing trends. People are searching for these quick trends online and then finding service providers to apply these trends. It is important for business owners to modify their strategy based on this fast moving industry. This is where branding your business on an app comes in handy.

By using social media, the customers attention can be targeted and used to the service provider’s advantage. Using an app, like Pulse 24/7, increases efficiency by organizing appointments, scheduled bookings, and managing brands. An app that puts your business in your hand, and allows customers to access your business in the same place that they are discovering these new trends.

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Currently, innovation in the beauty industry and the amount of money being made is attracting even more service providers, which means more competition. With such strong competition among service providers, it is hard to stand out among potential customers. However, with the Pulse 24/7 app, small businesses can beat the outstanding competition as customers desire this easy to use platform. Emails, texts, and phone calls can create confusion, which therefore creates minimal growth. Additionally, this app allows customers to pay via Venmo or PayPal. With a growing industry like this, it is necessary to maintain growing revenue rates and growing customer bookings.

The growths of big businesses, like L’Oreal, are furthering the successes of global service providers. It is important for small business owners to rationalize the changing sales in the beauty and hair industry, as their markets are directly influenced. It is important for hair salons and beauty experts to stay up to date and accessible for their customers. Pulse 24/7 is the solution.


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