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Photo Source: Entrepreneur

Photo Source: Entrepreneur

Starting your own business can be a daunting task, and you may find yourself in a creative rut while trying to excel your business. Focus in on the fundamentals of becoming a successful entrepreneur and these will help you build the stable foundation you need.

Focus #1: Find a purpose and fuel it with your passion.

Whether your passion is in the food industry or fashion, use it to create a business with a unique background. If you don’t strongly believe that your business is needed, no one else will understand either. Show the world your founder’s story and why your company is different from competitors. Use websites like Kickstarter to get the word out about your business and secure funds from potential customers and clients.

Photo Source: Enviro Education

Photo Source: Enviro Education

Focus #2: Become a master of sales and marketing techniques.

Sales and marketing are two intertwined entities. Networking opportunities can come about in any situation. Make sure to keep business cards with you at all times and follow-up with the people you network with. If you’re a service provider, it is especially important to gain a loyal customer base.

Quick Sales Tips Quick Marketing Tips
  • Create a personal connection (use humor and emotion)
  • Use social media to boost CTR
  • Pitch business idea
  • Invest in low risk ads like Google Adwords
  • Persuade them that your product will benefit them greatly at a low risk
  • Start creating content for your audience
  • Entice them with deals or free trials
  • Use SEO and A/B Ad Testing
  • Close by sending a follow-up email
  • Figure out ways to expand your product to fit audience

Focus #3: Combat and overcome daily stresses.

Relax and refocus by taking a day off to recenter your mind if the stress is too much for you. Meditation and yoga can easily be done from the comfort of your own home and improve your mental state. Socialization is key to de-stressing. Find an activity you and your co-workers can do together to bond like all going out for lunch together or getting drinks after work. Mini puzzles and games to build teamwork can be great to heighten productivity. Carving out the time with co-workers can also help everyone stay on the same page and achieve tasks more efficiently.

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Focus #4: Find the right staff.

You must find people that are as focused as you are. These workers want to achieve the same end-goal as you do and want to genuinely help your business grow. Your main goal should be to find like-minded, charismatic people.


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