Fashion Event Gurus – Make Your Job a Stress Free Catwalk!

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To the normal ‘non-fashionista’ a big fashion event is glamorous! The lifestyle of rubbing elbows with socialites and celebrities is a common misconception. But in reality The Kardashian’s stylists and publicist might be on constant speed dial but so is your shrink! The ability to handle stress with so many moving parts is paramount, and the reminder that your client’s entire collection can go viral to many worldwide newspapers, magazines, and TV shows is quite scary.

After the months of planning and endless decision making, the show usually lasts about 20 minutes and you have one shot to get it right. With that being said, as a fashion show producer, you are in charge of creating an atmosphere that excites the attendees and leaves them wanting more.  

In order to be successful in this industry you must be:

  •      Organized  
  •      An effective communicator
  •      Quick decision maker

There are a number of tasks you will work on with the designer such as number of guests attending, budget and theme. From there the production team is responsible for reserving the location, designing the stage layout/set design and contacting/confirming vendors.

Timing is everything on show day. It is crucial that you create a schedule for the show that includes call times for each production department and model lineup.

Feel the pressure? Well don’t! Simplify the stress with these helpful four tips!  

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  1.     Keep it fresh: Designers rely on the production team to set them up for success. Think outside of the box and keep design ideas fresh. Stay on top of trends but also dig deeper and envision authentic, new ideas.  
  2.     Two-way street: When it comes to decisions, give the designer options. If they have a vision, go with it but still present them with a selection of choices. If they don’t know where they want to have it or what the theme should be, ask them about their collection. This will help you give them options that coordinate well with their visions.
  3.     Consistency: Understand the type of fashion show you are producing.

Four types of fashion shows include:

o   Informal

o   Formal runway

o   Production

o   Video production

Once you know which type of show you are producing, communicate with the fashion director to keep fashion designers, products and sponsors consistent with the show theme.


  1.    Delegate: Your team can only be as helpful as you allow them to be. Be in control but do not take on more than you can handle. Communicate efficiently with your volunteers and interns and keep them up-to-date with information and tasks.


Now you know the deal, how about integrating the right apps to streamline your operations. There are technology platforms available like Pulse 24/7 ( to simplify booking your vendors, payments, and automate your social media promotions. Pick one and stick to it, lose your shrink’s number, and keep your sanity!

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