Do You Know Your Sales Trends? Planning For The Best And Worst Days!

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Every smart businessperson understands the importance of keeping a finger on the hottest business trends going on in the market and also knowing when to expect change. However, it is also important to realize that no matter how good you are at predicting the future, there will always be good and bad days that will come your way. A profitable sales plan is necessary for all kinds of days, no matter how good or bad they might be. Following a few simple tips, such as the ones listed ahead, will help you to be prepared for any kind of economic climate. Thus, you will be able to make the best of the good ones and mitigate the damage that comes with the worst ones.

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Specify your target market

The most critical aspect of any sales plan, no matter what the conditions are, is its target market. You cannot do business with everyone out there; and even if that is what you are going to do, there must be a specific starting point. This is why you need to have a place to focus on, from where you can start building up the desired momentum. It will also help you better prepare for those days when sales are not up to the mark. So you must take all the right steps to know who your target audience is.

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Develop a well-planned forecast

Begin by jotting down the sales assumptions for the year. Use those assumptions to build a reliable sales forecast. You can do this once you have broken down the forecast into individual elements. This can be ranking products, geographic regions or the market and additionally, estimating the conversion rate in each of these categories. As you develop a forecast, some of the forecasting pitfalls that are most common and which you should avoid include:

  1. Over optimistic/wishful thinking: Try to set realistic targets by keeping your previous years’ forecasts in mind. Before you finalize your sales level, consider how achievable they are in both the best and worst of conditions.
  2. Shifting goalposts: A common pitfall that comes with forecasts is not setting a definite timescale for achieving them. It is common to be so distracted in creating forecasts that you do not pay enough attention to your targets.

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Fabricating a sales plan

Before you begin to work on a sales plan, you should know that it should answer questions that cover:

  • The major focus of your business
  • The change that you aim to bring
  • The practical steps involved
  • The targets/territories that you will give each team/individual

A well-planned sales plan is not only there to help you get back to the good days, but also to help you deal with the bad ones. As the market has become increasingly volatile and competitive these days, planning ahead for each situation is the only way you can be sure of surviving no matter what may come your way!



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