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Give Your Customers What They Need:  Convenience

At one time, someone asked you how you were and you replied “Great, how are you?”.

Now, you ask anyone the same question and get the reply, “I’m busy, but how are you?”

Our society is constantly ON THE GO. From the moment we open our eyes in the morning (after maybe five hours of sleep), we are on a schedule and have places to be. From work, to dropping the kids off at soccer practice, to spin class, to picking up dinner and finally to bed.

Wake up. Repeat.


Balancing your stress with everything life throws at you is tough! So somewhere between all of those responsibilities we need to set aside time to have fun and treat ourselves!

As customers, we want convenience on our terms and we are willing to pay more for a hassle-free experience.The ultimate goal is to save time that can be devoted to other activities.


As service providers, we are balancing all of life’s responsibilities on top of providing the best, stress-free service for our customers.


It is a lot but with the right tools and sources, five hours of sleep every night may upgrade to six hours!

Convenience Vs. Hassle

Over the past decade, we have become a society addicted to convenience. How often do you choose to message your co-worker online rather than walk five feet down the hall to have a conversation?

A few years ago computers were enough to fulfill our convenient neediness, but now…they almost seem like a hassle, don’t they?!

Let’s face it. Your smartphone is on its way to replacing your computer. Why carry around your computer when you can connect to the web from virtually anywhere!   Our phones have turned into an everyday accessory. Even if we aren’t using it, there it is! When we go to bed, it is on our bedside table. When we are walking down the street it is in our hand. Don’t act like this is news to you, I bet you’re reading this on your smartphone now! (and if you aren’t well…it’s probably sitting on the table next to you!!!)

Offer Online Booking

We know it is not only the customers who have a busy life, as a service provider you are constantly trying to get things done too! Making and scheduling appointments is another nuisance on a long to-do list. By offering mobile booking your clients can book at all times of the day, whether they are waiting in line for their coffee or before heading into a meeting at work. Businesses that allow customers to book from their smartphone receive up to 30% of their appointments outside business hours. This means if you don’t offer mobile booking, you are passing up a great amount of potential revenue!

Pulse 24/7 will allow your customer to schedule a service within the hours you set up. They can choose who the service provider is and book depending on the available time slots. Skip the dreaded phone calls and let bookings take care of themselves!

Send Your ETA and Save The Aggravation

Last time you were in an Uber, did you ever think about how in a short few years, Uber has exploded into a 65-billion-dollar company? The simple concept of knowing exactly WHEN your driver is arriving, down to the minute, spells out convenience. There is no more waiting around for a Taxi. If you have a place to be at a certain time, you never second guess Uber because you know they are reliable.

This simple concept can transform your business too! Show affection towards your customer’s chaotic lives and personalize the experience that you deliver. As a service provider, you are constantly doing what you can to keep up with your loyal clients, so if you have the option to travel to your clients homes, why not! With a GPS tracker, you can eliminate the stress of time. If there is a traffic jam, your client will know! This will save aggravation on both ends. Delivering this level of customer service and transparency will set you apart from your competition.

Don’t let customer service become an afterthought. Keep existing clients happy while attracting new ones with Pulse 24/7. Your existing clients are your best source of new business and feedback but you always want to grow your customer base!


Contibuted By: Carter Trabakino

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