Bad Client or Bad Situation?

Bad Client or Bad Situation?

If you are a small business owner, you know it can be hard not to run into at least a few bad clients over the years. Have you ever looked deeper into this problem, however?

First, ask yourself: Is it a bad client or is it a bad service?

It’s very easy to get into bad situations when you don’t set proper expectations from the beginning.

Make sure at your first meeting with your client, you’re setting expectations that both of you can meet.  

For example, don’t let your client think you work 24/7 if you don’t. Keep your availability on your mobile scheduler accurate to your hours of operation. While working excessively may be a good selling point, if that is not how you work, you will run into major issues when your client is emailing you non-stop at 3 am, if that is not how you work.

Don’t Let Your Client Drain Your Time

To avoid clients taking all your time, energy and money, set up time blocks. Create a time audit on your entire business. Figure out what you should be spending the most time on in order to be productive. Use your time audit to properly go about online booking when you are setting expectations with your client to keep things realistic.

Time to Say Goodbye

If issues are still occurring after you create a time audit and discuss it with your client, this generally means your client and you aren’t the best match. Sometimes personalities clash or ethics don’t match up. When this happens, it’s often necessary to cut ties.

Did you know it takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience? So be professional and upfront when things aren’t working out!

Refer your client to someone you work with or someone who is part of your team. Explain to them that you feel it would be best for them to do this process with somebody else. This will keep you from setting fire to a bridge.

Keep your emotions tucked away until ties are cut completely and don’t dwell on this “bad situation”. Saying goodbye to a bad client will allow you to move onto bigger and better things.

Six Ways to Get An Angry Customer to Cool Down

Even if you are living in a perfect world with great clients and perfect situations, emotions and opinions get tangled along the way. In the heat of the moment, how do you get your clients to settle down and breathe?

  1.   Apologize- Regardless of who’s at fault, make your client feel understood. Be sincere and
  2.   Kill Them Softly with Diplomacy- Address the anger directly but not offensively.
  3.   Go into Computer Mode- Speak generally without emotion. Keep your words, tone, and attitude monotone.  
  4.   Indirectly make the client think about their behavior- Ask, “Have I done something to personally upset you?”
  5.   Show empathy- This will help you see the problem from the client’s perspective which will help you from losing your cool.
  6.   Show appreciation- After your client has gone on a rant, take control of the conversation and thank them for giving you feedback.


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Contributed by: Carter Trabakino

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